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SJRP Lead Gen Marketing Hub

Our SJRP LeadGenMarketing platform is packed full of marketing goodness! Branded/Unbranded Virtual tours, YouTube tour videos, Facebook, twitter, Craigslist custom pre built copy and paste links, and Flyers, created to keep you on the go, not stuck behind the computer!

Our SJRP LeadGenMarketing add on includes:

For starters, once you fill out the setup form (STEP #1), we add your listing to our YouTube, facebook and twitter pages!

  • 1 (800) 910-3207  Text/Call number (6000-6150)
  • Eve, your 24/7 virtual assistant. You can have corrugated throw away riders made for $12, that will display our 800 number.
  • Unbranded & branded narrated virtual tour webpage, for mls integration.
  • Facebook just listed description with links, just copy/paste and or add to. We have included additional phrases and link to a list of extra emojis.
  • Twitter just listed description with links, just copy/paste and or add to. (You can not use emojis, 256 character limit)
  • MP4 of the virtual tour available upon request, so you can add to your own YouTube page!
  • Complete step by step guide on how to add a free for sale post in craigslist! I know what you’re thinking, Craigslist? Yes, Since we use an 800 number its completely safe! (You may post to one category and in one city, no more than once every 48 hours. I have even provided you with links to click to access craigslist)
  • Unlimited flyer options (Coming soon, just listed, open house, price reduced and custom “text 10 characters”)
  • No apps to download, instant lead capture, every lead you receive is yours and yours only. Please use realtor safety when contacting new leads
  • Text code is active while the listing is active, once sells or goes off market the code will go to another client
  • Voicepad will automatically send you a weekly activity report on all leads of listing

Step 1 👇

Step 2 🛑

Once we complete your SJRP LGM listing setup from the data you have provided in step 1.  We will send you a text and email notifying you that you’re SJRP LGM is ready! If you did not order flyers in step 1 or need additional flyers, proceed to step 3.

Step 3 📰

Do you need to order additional flyers?  Please see the link located in your “LGM marketing materials are ready” email.

Want to know what our flyers look like? Click Here to view our flyer samples!