shawnjollyrawphotography is an award winning architectural photography company with a family feel. shawnjollyrawphotography was formed by Shawn Jolly in 2011 as a hobby, as of today we serve over 400 clients in Dallas/Ft Worth and Jacksonville/St Augustine areas. shawnjollyrawphotography has a team of photographers, editors and office staff that provide our clients with superior customer service. shawnjollyrawphotography can provide you with listing photography, 3D tours, measurements and marketing materials. shawnjollyrawphotography was named 2015 & 2016 readers choice best photographer by the Star journal. Our clients have won awards from The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals using our photographs. We continuously strive to bring our clients the best product we can!


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Shawn Jolly Raw Photography has you covered, let us provide you with quality photographs, mls measurements or flyers to save you time.  Our innovative designs and photography increase your listings chances of being sold and receive leads due to how our products represent you!


  • Daytime Listing Photography w/free curb appeal shots (weather permitting, we are FAA approved, w/part 107)  $110
  • New Build Photography w/free aerial curb appeal (weather permitting, we are FAA approved, w/part 107)  $80
  • Interior Only $80
  • Exterior/Curb appeal aerial only (weather permitting, we are FAA approved, w/part 107)   $75.00
  • MLS Measurements $20
  • Amenities package $75
  • Same day return on images $65
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We’re proud to offer 3d tours by matterport!

  • $200 per tour!
  • 6 months of hosting.
  • 36 photographs rendered by the tour to use for listing photographs (if you do not purchase high def photographs).
  • mattertags (digital markers that provide information)
  • 360 degree views of the front and back included in the tour.
  • Link to your tour, Branded, Unbranded, website, facebook!
  • Additional services are available, click the link below to learn more!
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  • Premium Flyer Package $30.00
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Luci Kitchell is our Office Admin and will get you setup!

Office Hours:  Monday – Friday  8:30 am – 5:30 pm Central Standard Time

Click to email us! shawnjollyrawphotography@gmail.com

Office Phone/Text: (214) 729-6566

Shawn’s Email: jolly.sjrp@gmail.com







Do you enjoy taking and viewing photography?  Want a career that is fun and exciting? Do you want a job that you will enjoy? Is something you enjoy doing really working at all?  Are you an artistic, self driven highly motivated individual?  We are always looking to expand our product and clientele.


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Please read our policies below regarding your appointment.  By scheduling you agree to these terms outlined below.

Please ensure you like our work before scheduling! Our photographers have been personally trained by Shawn Jolly, they are highly skilled and know what sells homes.  We provide traditional angles along with squared center focused photographs.

Cancellation policy:  If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so as soon as possible. If you cancel or reschedule within 2 business days of your appointment,  you will be assessed a fee of $50.00. Monday and Tuesday cancellations/reschedules need to be handled by Friday 5:30pm Central Standard Time. If you need to cancel or reschedule over the weekend please text Shawn at (940) 222-0204.

Aerial photography:  Our daytime listing photography includes complimentary aerial photographs.  We reserve the right to not provide this free service in the event of excessive winds, rain, any unsafe take off or landing point, in commercial flight patterns and near any airports we are locked out of.  If we are unable to provide this complimentary service, and you need aerial photographs then schedule an outdoor photo session for $75.00.  We are part 107 approved, which means we can legally sell aerial photographs per FAA.

Home readiness:  Please use our preparing for photography guide located here (Download Preparing for Photography) to prepare for our visit.  We photograph up to 3 homes a day, which each home is allowed 1.5 hours of photography time.  If the home is not ready for photography and we spend several hours at the property you will be charged for another appointment.  A general rule of thumb, physically make sure the home is ready a day before hand, allowing the homeowners a chance to relax, which allows us to do our job without interruptions from moving objects from room to room.

Appointment times Dallas/Ft Worth:  We try to schedule appointments as close to each other as possible.  We have 2 Dallas/Ft Worth photographers which allows us to provide 6 appt Monday – Friday.  Starting at 10am, 2nd appointment arriving between 12pm -1pm, 3rd appointment arriving between 2pm – 3pm.  Our photographers will text you when we are on the way with an exact eta.

Appointment times Jacksonville/St Augustine/Daytona:  We try to schedule appointments as close to each other as possible.  We have 1 Jacksonville/st Augustine/Daytona photographer which allows us to provide 3 appointments a day Monday – Friday. Starting at 10am, 2nd appointment arriving between 12pm – 1pm, 3rd appointment arriving between 2pm – 3pm.  Our photographers will text you when we are in the way with an exact eta.

Delivery of photographs:  Our photographers upload the days work over night to our home office in Jacksonville, Fl.  Which then are edited during the next day of your appointment and returned before midnight.  Shawn will send you an email with the drop box link for the photographs.  You must download the drop box folder, use some sort of extraction software (we use winzip) extract the photographs, then use.

Rights of use:  We allow you co ownership of all images, thus allowing you the ability to market any photograph that we have taken at anytime, no time limits.  We do reserve the right to use these for our marketing platforms as we see fit.

Flyers:  Luci will handle all flyers during business hours.  Keep in mind it takes 45 minutes to create them.  Do not wait until Friday at 5pm to submit them, they will not be created until Monday morning, no exceptions!

Payment:  Payment is due as soon as you receive the invoice.  Invoices are typically sent out the day before your scheduled appointment. A $25.00 Late fee will be added to your invoice every 5 days until it is paid.